Lowe’s Heroes

Support St. Vincent Place today at Lowe’s



Volunteer Driver’s Wanted

The Food Bank is looking for volunteers to help deliver groceries on Thursday and Saturday to people within the communities who are unable to make it to the Food Bank. For more information please call St. Vincent Place at 705-253-2770 Thank you

Coldest Night of the Year

On behalf of St. Vincent Place we would like to thank everyone involved in the CNOY 2017.

Special thanks to our team leaders, walkers, volunteers, sponsors and everyone who made a donation.By being part of CNOY St. Vincent Place is able to continue to serve the homeless and less fortunate citizens of our community.

A special thank you to our Event Director Jennifer Sarlo who’s time, energy and talent has once again created a successful CNOY event.

Nat Cicchelli

St. Vincent Place General Manager