Men’s Shelter

The First Steps To Employment Program

The “First Steps” program addresses barriers that the residents who are staying at Vincent Place may face when trying to find employment. The program is intended to prepare the men to enter the world of employment. Upon completion of the program, participants will know how to be presentable to a potential employer, have the necessary schooling, and ultimately feel comfortable walking into an interview on their own.


To print out the brochure, First Steps Pamphlet.

Transferable Skills Development Program

The Transferable Skills Development Program assists in recognizing the Transferable Skills the residents have, and then building on these skills to help them gain employment and improve their daily living.

The Program has had positive results with the men. The men are offered up to 3 months in-house support to reach their desired goals. The TSD program provides a range outreach services, as well as referrals based on individual needs that focus on assisting and supporting a solid foundation to employment and safe housing.

For more information on the transferable skills program for clients of the St. Vincent Place Men’s Shelter, please call the Shelter Office at (705) 253-2770 Ext. 3.