Sleep in a Box 2013: Donate Today!

Sleep in a Box 2013 is upon us again! Donate to St. Vincent Place’s page today to assist local organizations on November 15th, 2013!
For the fifth year in a row, the Soup Kitchen will hold its GREAT SOUP KITCHEN SLEEP OVER fundraiser at which participants sleep in cardboard shelters in and around the St James mall area. Participants raise funds in the form of pledges. The event is now well established and serves as a means to raise funds for the Soup Kitchen. The site of the event will be monitored throughout the night by volunteers, parents of participants and the City Police. The Soup Kitchen will remain open throughout the night to provide live band performances, food and fun. At 7 a.m. breakfast will be served and awards will be presented. Students attending will be allowed time for their school community hours sheets for the time spent collecting pledges as well as the time spent sleeping in a box.
The campaign goal is $75,000. After all monies have been collected, the Sault North Club Charitable Trust will issue cheques to the Sault Ste Marie Soup Kitchen and with success in the campaign, to the St. Vincent Place Shelter. The amounts of the cheques will depend on the amount raised. All of the first $25,000 will go to the Soup Kitchen. If less than $25.000 is raised then whatever is that amount will go to the Soup Kitchen. Likewise, the amount raised above $25,000 up to $50,000 will go to St. Vincent Place Shelter. Any amount raised above $50,000 will remain with the Sault North Charitable Trust to be used towards rotary projects.